The Rawside of... Gracer - 10 minute clip
All Out War - Official Trailer
Talk with Ali Alibrahim by Truls Lie

Edited for Modern Times Review, May 2017

Short film on Travis Wilkerson. TEN THOUGHTS series from Modern Times Review

Travis Wilkerson talks about wars, racism, and suppression.

City Sonic: Woodhands at the Don Valley Brick Works

Director: Rob Pilichowski, 2009
Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt of Woodhands revisit the Brick Works reconstruction site and recount what happened at Unknown Unknown, one of Toronto’s legendary illicit art and music parties. Beware: may contain traces of asbestos.

City Sonic: Sarah Slean at The Rivoli

Director: Rob Pilichowski, 2009
In this poetic short, the singer Sarah Slean reveals how getting to play the Rivoli helped transform her from a frustrated music student into an innovative performer who combines both classical and pop. Featuring exclusive animations of Sarahs visual art and excerpts from her recording, The Baroness.

City Sonic: Justin Rutledge at the Cameron House

Director: Rob Pilichowski, 2009
Singer/songwriter Justin Rutledge and Blue Rodeo bassist Bazil Donovan first met at the Cameron House. Now close friends and bandmates, they grab a seat at the bar and reflect on unexpected relationships forged at the Cameron House and how the artist-friendly space helped launch their careers. A meditative film about creativity and community, featuring live performance of the Justin Rutledge song, “Saturday Night at the Cameron.”

City Sonic: D-Sisive at Planet Mars

Director: Charles Officer, 2009
As a kid, rapper Derek Christoff worshiped the first generation of Toronto's hip-hop stars. But when he discovered the underground hip-hop party Planet Mars, he had an opportunity to become one of them. In the guise of his alter-ego Orville Knoblich, the Juno-nominated rapper takes us back to the site of Planet Mars in Kensington Market to recreate the old battlegrounds where he fought his way to the top.

Crad Kilodney

Made in 1992 at York University and officially selected to screen at TIFF that same year. A short documentary on author Crad Kilodney. A legend in downtown Toronto, his claim to fame was bringing his literature to the masses on his own terms. Shot in 16mm and edited on a Steenbeck.

ArtStars* 53 - Peaches

ArtStars host Nadja Sayej "catches up" with Canadian performance artist and electroclash superstar Peaches at the Roses bar in Berlin.

ArtStars* 55 - Gilbert and George

When UK divas Gilbert and George heard that ArtStars* was coming to ARNDT Gallery in Berlin -- they left the place running. We chased them down the street on the way to their hotel, to learn that they think all art world liberals are bigots.

ArtStars* 63 - Robert Crumb

2011 - - Robert Crumb is a legendary comic artist who saw his rise during the 1960s comix movement. We caught up with him over Gmail chat phone to talk about the New Yorker cover he did - which was never published.

The Rawside of...Gracer - Official Trailer