Shaolin Sisters

From 2005 - One in a series of genre-twisting shorts, Shaolin Sisters is a high kicking comedy about two sisters and the trouble they get into when they find lipstick in their laundry. Shot purposely out-of-sync in English, re-dubbed in Cantonese, and then subtitled back into English – an homage to the classic kung fu films from the 70’s. Shot on 16mm film and edited on AVID.

Wet Wool

A mocumentary documenting one man’s addiction to wet wool and his struggle to love and be loved. Shot on mini-DVcam and edited on Final Cut Pro.

A Small Thing - to view use password "small"

Margaret is shocked to be dumped by her boyfriend for being too emotionally cold. She sets about recreating the most memorable day of her life - her 10th birthday party - to figure out why, and with surprising results. Shot on Super 16mm.

password "small"

The Hunt

Director - Adrian Wills - 2008
A short drama following a day spent between a teenaged boy and his estranged father alone in the woods with a gun.

At Home by Myself... with You – official trailer

Trailer for the feature film. 

A multi phobia-plagued single woman who hasn't left her apartment in six years finds her carefully organised existence disrupted by her hot new 'on-the-go' neighbour.

Director - Kris Booth