Adrian – Last Night in Berlin

A short documentary about Adrian's last night in Berlin before returning to her hometown of Toronto, Canada. Or rather her third last night, if you don't count the night spent in the airport....

film by Tristen Bakker
featuring Adrian Pasen
sound mix Elma Bello



An experimental documentary shot at Tempelhof - once an airport, now a public park - in Berlin, Germany on February 26, 2012. This film reflects the mood of the first Spring-like day in a long Berlin winter.

Film by Tristen Bakker

Score by Sky Histoire

"They Want Your Heart" by Paro

The single "They Want Your Heart" from the EP by Paro.
Video by Tristen Bakker

Paro is Tristen Bakker, Diego Ferri, Oliver Rivera-Drew and Tom O'Doherty
EP released November 15, 2013


Teaser for the short documentary Tonetta. Featuring a few of the performance videos of Tonetta and his song "Pink Hair".

Created by Tristen Bakker

There's Ice on the Landwehr Canal!

Short piece on the mystery of ice skating on the Landwehr Canal.

Film by Tristen Bakker 2012


Documentation of the performance of Vexations in Ponderosa - Summer 2012
Created by Tristen Bakker